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SentryPC for Mac (2.1) and Windows (5.2) have been released!

October 20th, 2022 
By Staff in Version Updates
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These versions add enhancements to a few existing features. Most notably, website filtering now requires rules in a subdomain/domain/extension format and allows a leading wildcard '*' for matches. Examples such as *.com (all .com domains), google.com (anything at google.com), subdomain.google.com (anything at subdomain.google.com), and *.google.com (any subdomain at google.com) are all possible now. Along with that, rules will trickle down from least specific to most specific to allow fine tuning. For example, you could create a rule with *.com that blocks all .com domains then create a rule for mail.google.com that would allow everything at mail.google.com (taking priority over the previous block for all .com domains).

Keyword filtering has been changed to match your keywords in window titles exactly. Previously, for example, if you blocked the keyword 'ass' it would also block any windows that contained the word 'password' in their title since the keyword was found in the window title. Now, this window would not be blocked because it is not an exact word match. This eliminates false positives and blocking legitimate windows from opening.

Aside from the above, both website category filtering and keystroke monitoring operation have been improved. As always, we recommend you update any existing installations to take advantage of these changes.